The Busy Woman’s Guide to Triathlon - Triathlon Pink Edition


The Busy Woman’s Guide to Triathlon - Triathlon Pink Edition

The Busy Woman’s Guide to Triathlon - Triathlon Pink Edition


Available in these formats:

Do you want more information, training programs, practical session and questions answered? Just click the ‘Add to cart’ button to purchase and download the latest versions of the Busy Woman’s Guide to Triathlon - Triathlon Pink Edition. The book includes everything from the site and so much more. In the book I am able to go into much more detail about how to train and get ready for your first triathlon.

The book includes;

  • 12 Week Programs for the Short, Medium and Long Courses
  • Getting Your Head Around Triathlon
  • Fitting Fitness Into Your Life
  • Benefits of exercising
  • Swim Training
  • Riding Training
  • Run Training
  • Stretching
  • Transition
  • Core Exercises
  • Nutrition, Eating Right and Hydration
  • Stories to Encourage and Inspire

Other Editions of the book covering Enticer and Sprint distances will be available soon.

The book is only available in electronic format at the moment, but if you download it to your smart phone, tablet or laptop, you can take it with your wherever you go. It is really easy and we take you through each step.

  • File Formats
  • The book is available in several formats. You can choose the format that fits the device you want read it on.
  • PDF can be read on most platforms.
  • EPub can be read on PC, Mac and most hand held devices except Kindles.
  • Kindle can be read on all versions of Kindle.

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