Triathlon Training

The idea of training for a triathlon of any distance is to slowly improve your endurance by increasing the time or distance in each sport. In the beginning, if you are able to do 1-2 sessions per sport each week, you will be doing well. While I know that sounds like a lot, we’re talking about less than an hour a day. Essentially, by the week or two before your first tri, you want to be able to complete each leg of the triathlon separately. This will change if you decide to do the really big triathlons, but for now its a good rule of thumb.

Make sure you spend time on your weakest sport, which is usually your least favourite. By working on it, you will improve and start to enjoy it more.

It is important that you stay hydrated will you train. Always have a bottle of water with you, even in the pool! And once you have finished training, keep drinking.

Stretching before and after training is very important. It helps you avoid injury and can reduce the amount of soreness you feel after training.