After the Tri

Once you have run over the finish line there will be volunteers waiting to help you take off your timing chip and give you your race medal. Once you catch your breath, it’s a good idea to grab something to refuel a bit. Most tri’s will have drink station for you to have either water or a sports drink and many will offer fresh fruit or some sort of muesli type bar. Help yourself, you have earned it! Then head off to find your support crew and bask in their praise. Just take a moment or two to look around, take it all in and be proud of yourself! You are now a triathlete!

Most tri’s don’t let you get your bike out of transition until everyone has finished racing. This is to keep both you and your bike safe while in transition. So you may as well hang around for the presentation, which are always a bit of fun and there is often some great prizes and gear to be won.

I think it is important to celebrate your achievements and milestones. How you celebrate is up to you; it could be a night out with your training buddies or family, finally buying that special something you have had your eye on for a while, or treating yourself to …? Whatever you do and whoever you do it with, be proud of your achievements!